Improving Your Mental Health

The state of our mental health can change rapidly – it is not fixed. We can have good and bad mental health days. What we manifest on the outside may not always be how we are feeling inside. However through daily nurturing of our mental health we can positively influence the harmony of how we think, feel and act.

I believe that we can make the conscious effort to look after our mental health through healthy eating, staying active, thinking positively and being happy about who we are. All of these aspects can have a positive impact on our lives and make the more positive aspects step forward and reveal themselves to us.

Taking care of our mental health is just as important as taking care of our physical health. Only you can see what is going on inside your mind so its up to you to keep it healthy.

Our minds have the power to affect our actions. If we have negative thought patterns this can make us feel down, unhappy or demotivated.  When we think positive thoughts, they can make us feel more confident, happy and motivated.

Your happiness will come from within you. FIVE STEPS TO FOLLOW:

1.     EAT WELL – I live by the phrase ‘You Are What You Eat.’ When we eat healthy foods we have more energy and feel good about ourselves. However, don’t deny yourself the foods that you enjoy as this can have psychological ramifications. A diet that is good for your physical health is also beneficial to your mental health.

2.     KEEP ACTIVE - Exercise releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. Exercise can boost your self-esteem and increase concentration and make you sleep better. Activities such as reading can also help to keep our brains active which can reduce the risk of mental deterioration.  

3.     TALK ABOUT HOW YOU ARE FEELING – Talking can be a way for us to unload problems that we have been carrying around in our heads. There is no weakness in telling others that you are stressed or unhappy. Being listened to can make us feel less alone, more supported and cared for.

4.     TAKE A BREAK – Taking some time to relax can be good for our mental health. Just a few minutes to yourself once in a while can be enough to give you time to de-stress. Put yourself first. Make time for yourself in your busy schedule. Listen to the warning signs given by your body. If you are feeling tired, have some sleep. Sleep is vital for good mental health.

5.     ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE – A huge mental challenge that we can face is that we are always trying to be different to the person we are. This can make us feel negatively about ourselves. When we accept who we are, we feel that who we are is enough. Accepting who you are is the first step to living a happy lifestyle.

Lucy x