You’ve Got Time: Why You Don’t Need To Have Everything Figured Out In Your Twenties

This post is for anyone, who like me, doesn’t yet have it all figured out. When you are in your 20s there is so much pressure to know what you want to be doing. We put pressure on ourselves to plan our entire lives; the job we want, the people we want to be with and where we want to be living.

Your interests, jobs, friends and environment are always changing. You can’t plan for everything that might change. It’s important to take everything one step at a time. We shouldn’t need to have our hearts set on one career goal. We are still young and in a position to explore all of our interests.

In your early twenties, if you need money it’s not about choosing a career, it is about finding a job that works for you. Then, when you’re settled with a job and earning some income, you can think more about what it is you would like to do in the long term.

By planning our futures in detail, we limit ourselves and therefore possibilities are no longer available to us. You will probably change your mind as you go along. Having your heart set on one direction may seem great right now. However as we are constantly learning more about ourselves, we find out that there are more possibilities than we once thought. Try loads of new things and then decide what it is you like best. We discover what we want from life as we keep living and from having new experiences. Take your time and let each experience direct you to where you are meant to be.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You’ll meet people who seem to have it all figured out and that’s just what they choose to display on the outside. They also have their own unknowns; they just choose not to show them.

So if you’re reading this… know that you are not alone. No one has everything figured out, especially not in their twenties. Ignore the pressure. It’s your life. You are essentially who you create yourself to be. Yes, you’ll have to make decisions soon enough, but in the moment you’ll know exactly what you want most and what is best for you.

Lucy x