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In 2 weeks time I am off on holiday to Croatia. I will be going to Outlook Festival whilst I am there. There’s going to be sun, music, cocktails, laughter…oh and me in a bikini. In 2 weeks time I will have the confidence to show off my toned body, on the beach, thanks to my Personal trainer Michelle. Michelle uses Vibrogym. The Vibrogym or power plate is a vibrating plate. The vibrations recruit all muscles in the body. Training with the help of Vibrogym accelerates muscle toning and fat burning during exercise. Drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water everyday is also essential for optimum results from the Vibrogym.

Yesterday, I had my first trial session. Training takes places in Michelle’s gym at her house, which is really comforting because I personally find it a little intimidating working out at a public gym. Being in Michelle’s house meant I could concentrate on myself rather than being distracted by others around me.

When I arrived at Michelle’s house we had a conversation in which we discussed my goals. Two things are really important to me. The first is to tone up (bum and tum.) The second is to feel more energised, which will hopefully help me to survive a 3-day festival in Croatia! Michelle offered clear explanations of how the machines worked, which gave me a concrete understanding of how I would feel throughout the workout, so nothing came as a surprise.

In just two weeks I will be fitter, leaner and stronger and anybody else can achieve the same with Vibrogym sessions. I am going to be working out with Michelle most days up until my holiday. 30 minutes of Vibrogym exercise 2-3 times a week will result in fat loss, increased lean muscle and increased bone density. The machines vibrate 30 times a second. Each exercise last 30-45 seconds. A total body workout is completed in 15- 30 minutes. This time includes a stretch and a Vibro massage. Each 30 seconds of exercise on the machine is the equivalent to 6 minutes of exercising your muscles any other way. The use of the machine therefore effectively cuts down training time, which is good for people like me who are very short of time. The workouts can all be adapted depending on your level of fitness and capabilities. Michelle therefore tailors her training to help you get the best results.

At first the vibrations are quite an unusual sensation, with tingles all over your body and it is something that I have never experienced before. However I was reassured that my body would adapt, which it did. During the session I felt loads of my muscles engaged with the machine. Exercises that I did with Michelle included a squat on the machine and box steps and sidekicks mounting and dismounting the machine. I also did exercises that focused on my arms. One of the exercises involved pulling on the straps of the machine, allowing the vibrations to travel to my biceps. I also did press-ups with my arms resting on the machine. We worked on my core with some core strengthening exercises. I lay with my back on the machine. I did reverse curls and stomach crunches. I really felt my core engaged, as it felt tight. As the exercises are just 30-45 seconds long they are really achievable.

After my session I felt awake and invigorated. I ached afterwards which reminded me what a good workout it had been. I will be posting further details of my progress. I can’t wait to see the results! Watch out for my picture-perfect bikini shots on Instagram, that I will be confident enough to post!  

To me beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. If you wish to get in touch with Michelle her details are as follows:

Michelle Gold

Personal Trainer – Vibrogym Specialist – Massage Therapist

Includes Free Trial Session


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