Vibrogym - The Results

I completed 2 weeks of Vibrogym training with my Personal Trainer, Michelle, during the run up to my summer holiday to Croatia. The Vibrogym or power plate is a vibrating plate. Training with the help of Vibrogym accelerates muscle toning and fat burning during exercise. Each of the sessions with Michelle took the same structure, starting with a workout followed by a Vibro massage and stretch, which eases you into your day.

I can’t believe the extent to which I felt more energised. I felt the contours of my body taking shape in a way that they hadn’t before from the many forms of exercise that I had previously tried. From just two weeks of sessions I was much stronger and leaner. Some exercises that I initially struggled with became easier after around the third session. I noticed that I was less shaky on the machines. My body had adapted to the demands of the equipment. My arms showed the best results from the training and my muscles became more defined. My stomach was much more toned. After just a week of working out with Michelle I remember looking in the mirror and being really happy with my reflection.

Vibrogym training is particularly good for people with a very busy schedule. You can make a noticeable difference to how you look and feel for a relatively small investment of your time. I am so happy with the results of my sessions with Michelle. I had so much confidence on my holiday and to me that is what it is all about! From just 30 minutes of exercise every weekday for 2 weeks I achieved fantastic results.

Michelle can adapt her workouts to make them suitable for everyone. Explain what you want and she will design a workout to give you the best results possible.

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