A Trip To Venice

On Monday 11th July my boyfriend took me on a surprise trip to Venice in Italy. Venice is a city that seems miraculously built on water. We stayed in Novocento Boutique Hotel, which is tucked away in Calle del Dose. It is a quaint hotel with only 9 bedrooms, filled with lots of character. It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. The staff were welcoming and very attentive. They were extremely knowledgeable of the area and gave us excellent advice on the key sites to visit. Situated just 5-10 minute walk from St Mark's square, the hotel is in a fantastic location.  

Venice is best known for its canals which are surrounded by spectacular scenery and stunning architecture. No trip to Venice would be complete without a trip down the picturesque canals in an iconic gondola. The gondola services are located throughout the city. A 30-minute ride costs approximately 80 euros. Although the ride was quite short it was fascinating to see a different perspective of the city, from a lower angle.  It’s inevitable that you will get lost walking through the mysterious passageways so a map is a must.


During our stay we took a boat into Murano, the Glass Island of Venice. We wandered along the main canal and admired the world famous Murano glasswork, in the shop windows, which truly is befitting of its reputation.

The weather can be quite humid during the summer but don’t let this put you off. There are many places scattered throughout the city to grab a Gelato (ice-cream) to help you cool down. You’re never far from somewhere to indulge with a place to get your Gelato fix on almost every corner. They are inexpensive, and usually cost under 2 euros. The city is a blogger’s paradise with every location ideal to capture a picture-perfect shot. I had so much fun experimenting with my new camera that I got for my 21st birthday.


Whilst we were away we celebrated our two-year anniversary. We had dinner at Ristorante La Caravella - a stylish restaurant that specialised in traditional Venetian Cuisine. The restaurant has an intimate setting with tables in a secluded garden. We sipped on a glass of Italian Sauvignon Blanc “Piere Sauvignon,” which had a heavenly aroma and before we knew it three hours had passed by. I had such a lovely evening and the memories of our anniversary in Venice will last a lifetime. 

Lucy x