Dealing With Stress


Stress happens to everyone. Situations in our life can put pressure on us. Sometimes we may place pressure on ourselves. This pressure becomes stress when we feel that we are unable to cope. At times, stress is something we unfortunately all go through whether it’s from work, family, relationships or anxiety about an upcoming event. However sometimes the stress is not always the problem but instead the problem is how we choose to respond and deal with it. Ways of dealing with stress includes eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and general self-care. Being uncertain of how to manage stress can complicate our situation and lead to us becoming more stressed. There are plenty of different ways to deal and manage your stress but below I suggest my favourite. 

 1.  Start your day with a positive thought. Our attitude in life is everything. Stressful thoughts are a complete waste of energy and such thoughts may also have negative consequences on our daily actions. It’s almost impossible to complete any daily task with a negative mind. It will make even the smallest and easiest things seem difficult. Change your thoughts to positive ones and this will reflect in the events of your day. Tell yourself whatever it is you can deal with it. There is nothing that life throws at you that you can’t overcome. Stop self-doubting and overcrowding your mind with stressful thoughts that aren’t going to help you.

2.  Get out of bed in the morning feeling grateful. Each day we are given the opportunity to start fresh. We must take this. Just because yesterday wasn’t going your way doesn’t mean that today won’t too. Leave yesterday’s problems in the past and grasp the new day as an opportunity to start fresh.

3.   Look at the bigger picture. At any given moment stress can completely blur our vision. It can become the only thing that we see at times. Look at the stressful situation in perspective. Will it matter in a month from now? How important is it in the scheme of everything else that is happening in your life? Is it worth getting upset about it?

4.  Organise. Often stress can arise from being disorganised. Try to keep on top of things. To-do lists are a great way to see what needs to be completed. Seeing things in writing will make tasks seem more manageable rather than them appearing as an endless and complex list in your mind. There is no feeling quite like the relief of ticking something off of your to do list!

5.   Take time to relax. It is difficult at times to switch off entirely from stress but attempting to can help us to relax. Try watching a comedy - laughter is the best medicine or go for a walk and take some deep breaths. A walk is a great way to clear your head of any wasted energy. Sometimes when I am stressed I like to think about the things that make me happy and the things that I am excited about for the future. Thinking about the future will help you to realise that although what you may be experiencing at this moment in time is difficult, the feeling will not be permanent. There is no doubt that you will overcome the stress and there is plenty of happiness coming your way in the future. Many exciting times lie ahead in the future, try to focus on them and remain positive.

6.  Take everything in your stride. Try to tackle everything one thing at a time.

It all begins and ends in the mind. What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it.