Start 2017 With A Bang

12 new chapters. 365 new chances. My new years resolutions for 2017:

1.     Think good thoughts and do good deeds. How you choose to react to a situation is your karma. Spread good vibes. You attract the energy that you give off.

2.     Always make the best out of any situation. There is good to be found in any situation all we have to do is find it.  

3.     Try new things and learn new skills.

4.     Challenge yourself. Push yourself to your limits. If you don’t challenge yourself, you’ll never realise what you can become.

5.     Choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice. In any given moment we have the choice to be happy or not. We can choose to focus on what matters and what is right. We can choose to smile.

6.     Be the best YOU.  Make yourself proud.  

7.     Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Ask yourself will it matter in a year from now.

8.     Learn from your mistakes. Never have regrets.  You’ll realise that some of your wrong choices will often bring you to the right places. 2016 was just your warm up. Enter 2017 stronger and wiser from the lessons of 2016.

9.     Live in the moment. Make the most out of what is happening at present.

10. Believe everything will fall into place.

Lucy  x