Start Of Ski Season – Development and Confidence

I arrived in Val d'Isère just over a week ago. My life over recent weeks has all been building up to working the ski season out here. It has been something that was on the horizon and now it is finally happening.

For the past week I have been undergoing intensive training. The VIP Ski training course has covered everything that I will need to know for the coming season. We have had cooking classes, practice meals; we have been practicing hosting and have also had health and safety training. The cooking training has been my favourite part. I have been taught the menu for the season and I have had time to practice it. It has been really fun sampling the menu and then trying to recreate it myself. We also had a wine tasting lesson, where we sampled all the wines that will be available for our guests.

As the training has been so demanding, my days have been long and intense. I have been up early preparing breakfast to be served at 8am and functioning on very little sleep (because we have been out in bars until late most nights!) I have also been getting the afternoon tea ready in the morning. In any free time that I have had, I have been preparing dinner to be served at 8pm. The training has covered everything to help me feel comfortable and confident during my season.

My days feel really productive as I am doing something that makes me happy and I am learning so much on a daily basis. The skills that I have learnt this week will serve me for the rest of the season and throughout the rest of my life. They will continue to develop as the weeks go by. This week I have met so many like-minded people. I believe that people cross our paths for a reason. I have loved getting to know different people, with different stories who have joined me for this time in my life.

My confidence has already greatly developed and it’s only the first week. The other evening I practiced my welcome speech. My speech will be given to new guests upon arrival. It will outline the set up for the rest of their stay. Speaking in front of people that I don’t know has always made me a little scared inside. Feelings of fear and worrying what other people will think of me no longer exist. I stood up and spoke with confidence. I have all the knowledge I need, so there is nothing to be scared of. Just go out there and be you, people will love you for it.

This week I have been pushed so far out of my comfort zone. This experience is giving me huge personal development. I have so much confidence in myself at the moment and I feel utterly unstoppable. I am on the biggest high and I couldn’t be happier doing what I have always dreamt of doing. An experience in the mountains may lead me to future opportunities. We don’t know what’s around the corner for us. I could meet anyone up in the mountains that will direct me down a different path after the season. I feel myself growing into the person I always knew I was capable of being.

Bring on the season!

 Lucy x