Positivitea (Review)

It’s coming to the end of a very busy week and I am feeling completely exhausted. I am always trying to pack so much into my day and tick everything off my to do list. It’s so important to make time for yourself and to try not get wrapped up in such a fast-paced world. We need to take a moment to just breathe and take care of ourselves in the process. Within the body exists energy centres called the chakras in which energy flows through. When we are stressed and negative the energy centres in our bodies can become unbalanced. That’s where Positivitea come in. Positivitea believe in ‘the three Ps – being PRESENT, believing everything is POSSIBLE and remaining POSITIVE.’ Each tea is blended to help soothe different chakaras to help with any imbalance. Tonight I am drinking their Solar Plexus/ Achieve blend. The solar plexus is associated with willpower, ambition and the digestive system. Whilst I am studying for my finals this is the perfect tea to give me an energy boost and to help me to unwind.

Their crowdfunding campaign is now live! www.crowdcube.com/positivitea 

Check out their range at http://www.positivitea.london/positivitea/