Ombar - Why Raw Chocolate Is Good For You

Eating chocolate is one of my favourite ways to relieve stress. But is it at all healthy? Dark chocolate is full of nutrients and packed with antioxidants that can positively influence your health and wellbeing. Its good for the heart and circulation, it lowers cholesterol, it can help prevent memory decline and is good for the brain.

When we eat chocolate it releases endorphins (β€˜happy chemicals’) in our brains, which trigger a feel good feeling in the body. Raw Cocoa is the purest form of chocolate you can eat. Everyday more and more research is showing that dark chocolate is good for us and raw chocolate (unprocessed) is even better. However although the health scene is becoming chocca with dark chocolate brands, for me there is one obvious winner- Ombar.

Ombar chocolate is made with raw cocoa and all natural ingredients. Raw chocolate is used to retain all of the natural goodness that your body needs. When chocolate contains a cocoa percentage of 65 % or above it can taste quite bitter. Ombar uses dried fruits and super berries such as such as goji berries and mandarin as a natural sweetener. All ombar chocolate is organic, vegan, dairy-free and gluten free. My favourites are the bar with goji berry and the bar with coconut & vanilla. They have a smooth and creamy taste. How can something this delicious be good for you? Ombar bars are healthy and completely guilt-free! Eat food that makes your body happy but also makes you happy.

Lucy x