Lucocoa Chocolate (Review)


Why does chocolate makes us happy? Chocolate releases endorphins in the brain, which triggers a positive feeling in the body. Eating chocolate can reduce stress levels. When I am stressed and I eat some chocolate the world becomes good again! For some, chocolate is a guilty pleasure but it doesn’t always have to be. Lucocoa Chocolate based in North London, is London's first bean to bar chocolate making company. Their products contain no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, instead opting for the healthier alternatives of coconut sugar and lucuma. So its not naughty just nice!


Lucocoa’s packaging is adorable with the chocolate bar wrapped in authentic brown paper. Each flavour has ‘tasting notes,’ which gives you an insight into what to expect. This is a really cute personal touch from Lucocoa to the customer. When I eat chocolate I like to break it into small segments to savour each mouthful, so I loved that the bar was already divided into small chunks – different to your typical chocolate bar.


My favourite is the natural blonde, which is their version of white chocolate. It is blonde in appearance and tastes like caramel!  The chocolate is really creamy and melts in your mouth. I loved the 70% Dominican Republic bar, as it wasn’t too bitter and tasted a lot less than 70%. The 50% Milk chocolate bar is perfect for your chocolate fix without the guilt! It is really smooth and smells heavenly. For your healthy fix of chocolate Lucocoa is definitely the answer.