Kindness Matters

Mental health issues can affect anybody at anytime. Most people who experience mental health issues can make a full recovery if given the right support. Actions such as kindness, inclusion and understanding from one individual to another can play an important role. Although mental health is very much present in modern society, the stigma attached to it still exists. MIND and SANE, two of the biggest mental health charities in the world, work hard in order to provide support and respect, to everyone dealing with mental health issues.

Someone you know, whether it be a family member, your friend or a work colleague is experiencing a mental health issue right now. From the outside, looking in its hard to understand exactly what is going on inside someone’s head. We need to understand what we can do in order to make a difference.


As you get older you realise all you want is to be surrounded by good people. It is important to be around people who are good for you, good to you, and also good for your soul. The world needs a little more kindness from everyone. The Power Of One Coin project seeks to raise awareness of how kindness can save the lives of people struggling with mental health issues. It focuses on how every individual has the power to turn a life around by spreading kindness.

The story is set in the outskirts of London, and follows five very different characters. These character’s lives become intertwined by a coin that travels through the hands of each person. For each character, the coin plays a significant role in encouraging a small act of kindness. Every act of kindness can have a ripple effect.  The receiver can then pass it on to someone else, who then passes it on again. With a little kindness you can make someone else and yourself feel good at the same time. Further awareness of this subject matter could positively influence another person and therefore the film aims to reach as many people as possible. To support The Power of One Coin campaign, their CrowdFunding link is now live.

Never underestimate the power of a single act of kindness. Your kindness has the power to change lives in ways you may never knew.  Smile at a stranger, hold a door open or bring a hot drink to your colleague’s desk. These small and selfless acts can have a huge positive impact on someone’s life. Never stop doing the little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part in their hearts.  

Lucy x