Keep Your Brain Active And Learn To Drive

How well we nourish our brains will impact how it functions. High levels of mental activity are associated with strong brain function. Keeping our brains active reduces the risk of cognitive decline. Studies have found that people who lead intellectually stimulating lives are less likely to suffer from dementia conditions such as Alzherimer’s.

It is important for us to provide our brain with constant stimulation. Keeping our brain mentally active helps to increase our concentration. Taking care of your brain is essential to living a healthy and happy life.

There are many things that you can do to keep your brain active and driving is one of them. Driving provides your brain with stimulation and the skills that you learn for driving can be applied beyond the steering wheel.

Patience is a virtue when learning to drive. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Everyone takes a different amount of time and needs a different number of lessons to pass their driving test. I took countless lessons and passed my test second time. I believe that all good things come to those who wait. You will pass your test when you are ready and not before.

Patience is all about accepting the present moment exactly as it is. Driving requires us to have patience with the current situation. There will be times when you are sitting in traffic and there is nothing that you can do other than to wait patiently. It is also important to have patience with others on the road. Now that I have passed my test, I have to remind myself to have patience with other learner drivers, as that was once me!

When we are feeling stressed or anxious, sometimes there is no better way to de-stress than to jump into your car and go for a relaxing drive. Most of us are constantly surrounded by people and crave a little bit of solitude. Spending time in solitude is healing energy. Try to make valuable use of your car journeys. Listen to an eBook or a podcast. Use the journey to learn something new and focus on something interesting. Alternately listen to music to help you to de-stress.

Driving can help with your concentration and ability to focus. Driving requires you to take full control of a constantly changing situation. Driving gives your brain continuous stimulation. From traffic signals to new surroundings, driving is constantly providing your brain with new information to absorb. I like to test how good my memory is and attempt to remember the directions for journeys that I have completed before.

Book Learn Pass is a website that helps you learn to drive, practice for your theory test and book driving lessons in your local area. The website contains a huge amount of training materials which include help for you to pass your driving theory test, guides to help you practice your driving manoeuvres and advice from professional driving instructors on how to pass your driving test.

By using the website, you will keep your brain active thereby improving your long-term mental health and you will learn to drive at the same time – it is a win-win situation.

Lucy x