InSpiral (reveiw)

InSpiral’s raw snack products are designed for people who want to eat well. Their products are thoughtfully created to provide on-the-go nourishment for those who are seeking vitality in order to make the most out of their day. All of the ingredients are 100% natural. Their products are vegan, raw, wheat free, cholesterol free, cane sugar free, soya free, low G.I and certified organic. Their packaging is made of 100% compostable materials. These new eco packs have been described as a ‘world-first’ in ecological design. Every detail from the production to the design promotes everything that the brand stands for – ‘sustainability, the environment, our beautiful planet and the good in people.’

Coconut pecks – These bitesize coconut pecks are made from the purest organic ingredients that are not only delicious but also incredibly nutritious. They are perfect to satisfy hunger in between meals and come in two flavours salted caramel and raspberry.

Powerblends – InSpiral have created a range of super food blends. For optimum use add a spoonful of the mix to your morning smoothie to get a varied intake of goodness into your system to begin your day. The energy blend is perfect for when you need an extra bit of support to increase your productivity.

Freeze Dried Strawberries – These strawberries are freeze dried in order to preserve as much goodness as possible. They are the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet cravings. They provide an explosion of taste to start your day.


Raw Cacoa Nibs – These are little pieces of cocoa that have a rich, dark and bitter flavour. Raw cocoa is good for you inside and out. They are the perfect topping to your breakfast cereal bowl or smoothie.

The InSpiral range is everything I look for in health products and more. They are both delicious and good for you. It’s a win-win situation.

Lucy x