Green Keratin (review)

A little bit of pampering goes a long way. When we are kind to ourselves, we build our inner strength which enables us to feel worthy and cared for. Between hectic work schedules and lots of late nights, it is so important to fit in some time to pamper ourselves. Pampering leads to us feeling good, which in turn leads to more confidence!

The Green Keratin skincare range can give you the confidence boost that you deserve. They offer a gorgeous range of natural skincare products. Every product is enriched with the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients, created to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Green Keratin promise that all of their products are free from Parabens, SLS & SLES, artificial fragrances and artificial colourings. All of the products are 100% vegetarian; they are never tested on animals and are made on British soil. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee- so if you’re not looking 10 years younger, you get your money returned! Each item is in a brown box and beautifully wrapped in tissue paper. When you open the packaging it feels like you are getting a luxury item without the luxury price tag! 

Precious Cacay Hydrating Face Cleanser – I used this in the morning and applied a small amount to my face and neck, massaging it in circular motions. It felt really moisturising. I rinsed it off with a damp cloth. After use, my face felt clean and soothed. I then applied my make-up. My skin was bright and clear. I was even told by a friend, during the day, that my face looked refreshed, which I would put down solely to the product. 

 Precious Cacay Timeless Oil Elixir – I applied a couple of drops and massaged it into my skin. The product sank straight in and it smelt delicious!

Eucalyptus & Lavender Clarifying Facial Wash In the evening I used this product in the bath. It is in a pump bottle and is good for blemished-prone skin. The smell of lavender was heavenly and it was relaxing to use at the end of a long day. The product foams up and feels cleansing on the skin. In the past, other facial cleansers have left my skin feeling tight. After use my skin didn’t feel at all tight - so it’s not dehydrating on the skin. 


Q10 Plus E Oil Complex Night Elixir – I gave this to my mum to try as it is for mature skin and well… I am not quite there yet! She used it after her evening bath, applying 2 drops in her hands and rubbed the product gently onto her face. Her expectation was that the oil would be thinner than it was and that it is actually a much richer oil.  The product has a lovely fresh smell.  

Precious Cacay Timeless Face Cream I applied this cream in the evening. It feels really light on the skin – almost like whipped cream. After use, I felt relaxed and ready for bed. My skin was ready to be renewed over night. When I woke up my skin felt soft and nourished. 

Caring for your body will make you feel good about yourself and your life. Try spicing up your beauty regime with Green Keratin skincare products!