Let’s Get Real

Living a meaningful life does not depend on being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect. It depends on being real and being humble. Good things and bad things will happen in life but you just have to keep living and giving everything your best effort. Knowing that you are giving the best version of yourself to the world will bring you confidence and happiness.


Realising your true self is an on going process. It has taken many different experiences to shape you into the person that you are today. Personal growth should always be our motivation during every experience.

We should surround ourselves with genuine and kind people. Make sure that those around you admire you for simply being you. Be with people who reflect the sort of person you want to become. It’s hard to stay real when people around you are influencing you to be somebody that you’re not. Remove from your circle those people who no longer bring you happiness. Be grateful for the experiences that have carried you to this moment and just believe that you’ll always end up where you are meant to be, with the people you are meant to be with.

Always treat yourself kindly. Every mistake makes up part of who we are. One negative situation doesn’t mean that things are going to stay that way forever. Embrace your flaws and imperfections so that they cannot be used against you.

If you pursue a life that you love and follow your talents you’ll always be staying true to who you are. Take responsibility for what you want in your life and go after it. We have one life and it’s down to us to live it our way. Our time is valuable and everyday is an opportunity to do something that brings us happiness.

Remember that every experience makes us wiser. Grasp every opportunity, learn from it and enjoy it. The experiences are priceless. Let’s be kind, lets be genuine and lets get real during it all. Stay true to yourself through the ups and the downs.

Lucy x