When faced with hurt from somebody else you have two choices: refuse to let go of what has happened, let it interfere with your life and consume you. Or you can choose to forgive and move on. Forgiveness is something we do for ourselves and not others. The only person you hurt when you hold a grudge is yourself. Grudges keep us living in the past. When we replay a past event in our head, over and over again, we become powerless. It means we are allowing the past event to control us. When we forgive, it means that we have decided to accept what has happened and are no longer going to let the situation control us.

At times, people may hurt us unintentionally. People go about their lives mainly doing things for their own benefit without realising the impact their actions may have on another person. Remember that no nice person goes out of their way to deliberately hurt someone else. No one is thinking about the consequences their actions may have. When we take the perspective that hurt is a feeling that was never intended as an outcome of an event, it makes forgiving a lot easier.

1.     Forgive for yourself. It is easier to forgive than to hold onto negative emotions of anger, bitterness and resentment. Forgiveness means that we can move on with more positive feelings.

2.     We are all human. We can be vulnerable at times, especially to the ones that we love. Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.

3.     Stop thinking about the past. When you let go, you remove the negativity that you once felt and it can no longer interfere with your present.

4.     It takes less energy to love and forgive than to stay angry.

Forgive, grow from the experience and let it go!

Lucy x