The First Week In The Life Of A Chalet Girl

This week I had my first guests. I have been thrown in at the deep end, hosting a six-person chalet on my own. I am enjoying being far out of my comfort zone. When we feel out of our depth and try something new it becomes an opportunity for personal growth.

The week was eventful. On the first day my sink flooded my entire kitchen, which meant that I lost time to prepare for dinner. At VIP Ski we serve starters at 8pm and the main course follows shortly after that. This week I was cooking some of the dishes on the set menu for the first time, so keeping to timings is something that needs to be perfected and it is important to find out the ways that work best for you.

Following this week of chaos in the kitchen I definitely have a new way of approaching the week ahead. I have written down exactly how long different dishes take to cook so I will hopefully be calmer in the kitchen from now on. There is definitely a technique to being completely on top of both the cooking and hosting and just like anything else it takes experience. As the weeks go by I will look back and laugh as to why I found it so hard to begin with.

Lets not forgot about my chocolate mousse cake disaster. Just as I was putting my cake in the oven, the bottom of the cake tin unclipped and my deep cleaned kitchen was immediately covered in the mixture. I never knew a chocolate mousse cake would make me cry and so early on in the season… but it did!  Note to self – always check that the cake tin is securely fastened.

This week involved many early mornings and late nights. According to ‘chalet hours’ you get the middle of the day off work, in between breakfast and dinner, to go skiing but I experienced very little of this. You can’t be productive on a hangover, that’s just a fact.

My day off was Thursday and I had the most fun skiing and then après at Cocorico. This is definitely where you will find me on my days off!

Overall this week has been a huge learning curve. I am loving the confidence I am gaining from interacting with so many new people on a daily basis. I am enjoying finding out more about myself in terms of how I handle stressful situations. Most importantly I am relishing mountain life. My late night walks home from work make me feel so grateful to be alive. The view is mesmerising and the stars shine so brightly.

We can discover more of who we are every day if we learn from our experience

Lucy x