Life never turns out how we expect it to. We all seem to have an image in our heads of how our lives are supposed to be. We can become so blinkered by this expectation, that we don't allow ourselves to see any further possibilities. We need to open our minds to the idea that the image that we have created has been formed by the constraints of our own thinking and it is not necessarily the only plan for us. Once we learn to detach from the image in our minds, we allow ourselves the chance to appreciate our destiny.  

My understanding of destiny is that life may have a totally different plan for us than the one that we think is ours. Our destiny is intended to make us into the happiest version of ourselves. The beauty of life is that we don't know what's around the corner for us. Our lives can take many unexpected turns, that may lead us down a different path to the one we had planned in our minds but it will always be the right path for us. Ultimately in the end, it is our destiny that will lead us to the exact place we are meant to be. 

We are all guilty of thinking that there is just one path for us and we couldn't be more wrong. It can be difficult to let go of our own thinking and to immerse ourselves in what is happening at present. Life becomes difficult for us if we don't just go with it. Even it's not what you expected, accept your destiny as if it were you who had chosen it. Fate may have an even better plan for you… one that you didn't even think was possible. The passage of time makes everything clear. It may take a few days, it may take a month or even a year but in hindsight we will understand why things happened the way that they did. On a final note, never settle. We must not settle for the life that we think is ours so that we can live the life that is waiting for us. Trust your destiny.

Lucy x