Confessions Of A Chalet Girl

1. You will become a morning person.

I haven’t really ever been a morning person until now. Being a chalet girl means that you have to wake up in the early hours of the morning. Some mornings I feel so tired from partying too hard the night before… but I can always count on my make-up bag to make me look presentable. Every morning I walk to my chalet, which is about a 10-minute journey. The walk to work against the backdrop of the beautiful mountains makes me feel alive.

2. Transfer day is the hardest part of the week.

Whilst the current guests are in the chalet we cook them their last breakfast. After breakfast we walk the guests down to the bus stop to say goodbye. By the end of the week I’m excited for a new set of guests to arrive. The great thing about being a chalet girl is that you get to meet so many people and your guests change weekly. Transfer day involves removing any trace that there were previous guests staying in your chalet. This day involves lots of cleaning with a good playlist on for motivation. On transfer day we get our main food delivery for the week. After a quick turn around in the chalet, the new guests typically arrive early evening. On transfer day I don’t leave the chalet and by evening I get into bed exhausted.

3. You can ski/snowboard everyday

Now that I’ve settled into more of a routine, I’m beginning to have more defined chalet hours. This means that I have more time in the middle of the day - in between breakfast and dinner to go out skiing. If you do want to ski everyday you can but most of the time you’re too tired and on some days in your free time all you want to do is have a nap. My free time consists of either skiing or napping.

4. If you haven’t got something you need in your chalet…IMPROVISE.

Most of the time if you haven’t got something that you need it’s your fault. You have either forgotten to order it from your weekly stores delivery or skipped it in your top up shop. As you only get to do two top up shops a week, planning ahead is key.

5. You’ll meet some guests that you like and some guests that you won’t like.

The guests that you don’t immediately click with are going to be hard work. Some guests are going to find anything to complain about and all you can really do is smile and try to accommodate to their needs as best as possible.

6. Working a season is much harder than I anticipated.

Season work demands lots of early shifts and long hours. Don’t be fooled by the glamorous images on instagram. There is definitely an even split between hard work and fun.  It takes a special type of person to go out partying until 4am and then come in to the chalet and make breakfast at 8am with a smile on their face

7. You’ll learn something new everyday.

My cooking has developed so much over the past month. I am always learning new tricks to put together a delicious meal. The personal growth during this experience is continuous. I am really looking forward to learning how to snowboard in the New Year.

Lucy x