Tips For A Calm Mind

Your calm mind is your ultimate weapon to overcome any challenges. When we fill our mind with positive thoughts our life will start to change.


1.     Get up early – How we begin our day sets the tone for the rest of the day. When we get up early we have time to organise ourselves for the day ahead. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier.

2.     Chose your thoughts – Not all our thoughts are going to be positive but we can chose which thoughts to focus on. Chose positive thoughts and when you feel your mind wandering off track make sure that you consciously redirect your thoughts back to what truly matters.

3.     Learn new skills – New skills help to keep our brain active. When we learn new skills we are providing constant stimulation for our brains.

4.     Enjoy nature – Just being outside observing the sunrise, sunset, trees, water and lakes can make us feel calmer and more relaxed.

5.     Use positive words – Your words affect how you think and feel. If you speak positive words they will shape a positive environment for you.  

6.     Spend time in solitude – Taking some time alone can help relax your body and mind. Give yourself some time to reflect.

7.     Exercise – Exercise leads to an immediate boost in mood, which can help to make us feel calmer in the long-term. It releases endorphins into your brain, which trigger a feel good feeling in the brain that makes you feel happier and calmer.

8.     Do things you love – When we do the things that we love we immediately create a mood of self-satisfaction and subsequently feel more motivated. 

9.     Accept who you are – Peace of mind is difficult to find when we are continually criticising ourselves or comparing ourselves with others.  Being happy with yourself is about loving yourself for everything that you are and not wishing that you or your circumstances were any different.

10. Visualise what is important to you