In A World Where You Can Be Anything; Be Kind.


“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” Henry James

Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. Our acts of kindness and good deeds can make ourselves happier and can make someone else’s day. Kindness is an act of strength. When people mistreat us, it is easy for us to be unkind back. Realise that when people are unkind it is a direct reflection of them and not you. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.


Kindness is contagious. It makes you and others feel good. An act of kindness is a gesture of goodwill towards someone or something. Before we can be kind to others we must be kind to ourselves.

How to be kind to yourself:

1.     Give yourself some you time. Allow yourself time to do something that brings you joy.

2.     Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for past mistakes.

3.     Take care of yourself. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Eat foods that are going to make you feel good and full of energy.

4.     Respect yourself. Value who you are and never allow someone to dictate your worth. Respect yourself enough to walk away from people and situations that no longer serve you.

5.     Treat yourself. Be good to yourself. Take a hot bubbly bath or turn on some music and snuggle up with a blanket. Give yourself time to recuperate.

6.     Remind yourself of your good qualities. What have you done lately that you are proud of?

7.     Stop trying to be perfect. No one is perfect. We are all doing the best that we can. Honour your journey and stay true to yourself. Stop striving for perfection and start to improve yourself one step at a time.

8.     Accept yourself exactly as you are.

Once we have mastered the act of kindness for ourselves we can start to share our kindness with others.

How to be kind to others

1.     Smile at everyone. Something as little as a smile can make another person’s day.

2.     Say please and thank you. Express your gratitude towards someone. Make them aware that you are thankful for what they have done for you.

3.     Call someone who may be feeling lonely. It is important for us to be there for others when they need us most.

4.     Be non-judgmental. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Everyone’s story is different. We are all on our personal journey and no one’s journey is the same. Be understanding that someone may be fighting a personal issue that we may be completely unaware of us.

5.     Tell your loved ones how much you love them. Let them know that they are appreciated.

6.     Compliment someone. Go out of your way to tell someone how good they are doing at something. A compliment can be uplifting.

7.     Be patient. Patience is key for us to be kind to others. Listen to what someone is saying without interrupting.

8.     Give someone your time. Our time is one of the most valuable things that we can offer someone.

Lucy x