A Day In The Life Of A Chalet Girl

I’ve been in Val d'Isère for 8 weeks now. The hardest part of my day is getting up in the morning. My room is always freezing and 4 different alarms all go off at the same time, with my roommates all setting their own alarms. I am so tired by the evening that I usually fall asleep in seconds and then it’s the morning again before I know it.

I get up every morning at 6.30am, which allows me just over half an hour to do my hair and make up. I aim to be ready to leave my accommodation just before 7.10am, in order to get to my chalet for 7.20pm.

It is a brisk walk to work in the cold. On my way into the chalet I pick up fresh bread. As soon as I get into my chalet I get the oven on and the pastries in and then it’s a quick clear up of all the dirty wine glasses left out from the night before. I then get the breakfast table set up.  Guests normally stumble into breakfast just after 8am.

Being a chalet girl teaches you to be the ultimate multi-tasker. Having to engage in friendly morning conversation with your guests, whilst having four different pans on the hob is done with ease 8 weeks into the season. I then put together a cooked breakfast for my guests, which usually consists of eggs either, scrambled, poached or fried.  Once breakfast is on the table I will make the afternoon teacake.

So by 9am I’ve had a pretty productive morning.

Guests are normally out of the chalet by 9.30am. Until they leave I continue in the kitchen and complete any evening meal preparation. I usually make dessert for the evening in the morning. Once the guests leave I will do a clean around all the bedrooms and communal areas and set up afternoon tea on the coffee table.

On a good day I complete everything by 11am and then it’s off to the slopes! The best part about this experience is that the second you reach the top of the slopes, you forget about the early mornings and the hard shifts.

In the evening I usually get back into my chalet for 5.30pm. I will rustle up a three-course meal for my guests. Once dinner is finished the rest of the night is mine.  

Life as a chalet girl isn’t always easy but it is once in a lifetime experience.

Lucy x