The Power of Solitude

In today’s modern society we have begun to lose sight of the value of what it is like to be alone. There is the common misconception that being alone means that you are lonely. With the rapid growth of technology we seem to always be connected with others and social media has made this even easier for us. Sometimes it is necessary to detach from the word around us in order to find ourselves. When we disconnect from the world around us we find comfort in our own company. The relationship that we have with ourselves sets the tone for all the other relationships in our life.

The power of solitude:

  1.  It’s a great opportunity to recharge your batteries. Spending time alone gives you a break from constant interactions with other people. Taking time to rest and recover is essential for our wellbeing. Sitting in solitude is healing energy.
  2. When you spend time on your own you have less reliance on others. You make your own decisions. You stop seeking others approval. Sometimes in the absence of noise you can find answers.
  3.  Being alone gives you time to clear your head. You have time to think and reflect.
  4.  You begin to understand the value of your self worth, which can help to boost self-esteem. You remember who you are and want you want in life.
  5.  You slow down. When you are on your own you can do things at your own pace.
  6.  It makes you more productive. Having people around you all the time may be a distraction. Spending time alone is a good chance to work towards your goals. During time spent alone you will learn more about yourself. You will grow as a person. You will have time to figure out what inspires you.
  7.   You’ll accept that you can make your own happiness.

I consider myself to be a pretty sociable person. However after being in someone’s company for too long I can become irritable and that is one of my main warning signs when I know I need to be on my own for a while. Engaging in solitude gives me time to refuel. I’d happily spend a whole day to myself… that’s how I recharge my batteries. Once I have had some alone time, I feel fresh and ready to face the rest of the world. Sometimes you need to just disconnect and enjoy your own company!

 Lucy x