Staying Motivated

In order to accomplish our goals it is important that we stay motivated. Some days motivation can be hard to find. Below I give a few ideas of how to stay motivated:

1.     Remind yourself of your long-term goals. Remember you are one day closer to achieving them. Keep moving forward. Try not to look back and at the past, as this will only slow you down. Remember that your long-term goals are your motivation.  Try writing them down. I have mine folded on a piece of paper which I keep in my purse so that I always have them with me if I need them. When you are having a bad day you can look at the piece of paper in order to remind you of what it is you want. On a bad day it can become easy to forget why we are doing something and in particular our motivation for it. There will be good days and bad days on your journey but you can’t let the bad days hinder your chances. When life knocks you back you need to kick back at it ten times harder. Never loose sight of your long-term goals and your overall purpose.

2.     Maintain achievable short-term goals. These are helpful to know that you are getting that much closer to your long-term goal. What do you want to have done by the end of the day or by the end of the week? Focus on yourself and know what you want. Delegate your work accordingly. Don’t give yourself too much to do all at once.

3.     Take a break. If things aren’t going as planned take a step back. Stop what you are doing and just breathe. Take a moment to compose yourself before getting back in the game.  The best thing to do is to make time to switch off. Greater productivity is achieved by taking short breaks as they help us to refuel. Know that getting where you want to be doesn’t happen without hard work. Nothing comes easy. Make sure to pace yourself and to take plenty of breaks. Give yourself something to look forward to. Reward yourself after completing one of your short-term goals.

4.     Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone experiences setbacks. Try not to beat yourself up too much about them. Remember that you are doing the best that you can. If you were unable to achieve a short-term goal try to adjust them so that they are more achievable.

5.     Be patient. Success doesn’t happen over night. Know what you want and what you deserve. Be patient, good things are coming your way I promise.

 Lucy x