Mindful Living

Mindfulness is simply about being in the present moment. It’s about being aware of what is happening right now. To live mindfully means to focus on your current thoughts and feelings and the world around you at present. Mindfulness can improve our mental wellbeing as it expands our awareness. The state of being mindful can remove negative thought patterns and can help to reduce anxiety. When we are mindful it can help us to gain clarity and perspective on a situation. Mindful living encourages us to slow down but most importantly it helps us to make the most out of our day.


How to practice daily mindfulness:

Mindful walking: Walk to the rhythm of your breathing. Lift one foot whilst breathing in and lower on the ground as you breathe out. Be aware of what’s happening around you as you walk. Take in all of your surroundings. What can you see? Hear? Smell? Be aware of all of your senses. How do you feel whilst walking? Powerful? Tired? Stressed? Acknowledge all of your present thoughts and feelings as you walk.

Mindful breathing: Be aware of your breathing. Focus on taking a deep breath in for 5 seconds and then exhale for 5 seconds. Create a pattern of your breathing being aware of each breath. Mindful breathing can be extremely calming. Practicing taking some deep breaths whilst lying in bed before going to sleep can help us to unwind after a busy day.

Mindful eating: When we are busy it’s easy to eat in a hurry, with little acknowledgement of taste. Mindful eating is about enjoying the nourishment of each mouthful. Notice whether you eat quickly or slowly. Try to slow down. Do you engage in another activity whilst eating? Another activity can be a distraction. Focus on what you are eating. Enjoy every mouthful and be aware of all the different tastes.

Mindful attitude: Have patience. Be in the present moment everyday and make the most out of what each day has in store for you. We must be patient about what lies ahead for us and focus on our today. Learn to let go. The past can hold us back and it can stop us from being in the present moment, learn to simply let go. Learn to trust. Trust the timing of the universe. Learn to accept. Accept everything exactly as it is.

Lucy x