Me Time

Sometimes life can feel like one on going to-do list – there are never enough hours in the day to complete everything that needs to be done! I’m always trying to pack so much into the day! With so much to do, there is never any time for some well deserved ‘me time.’ This is a phrase we all talk about as something we want but never actually get. Me time is all about taking time out for you. It's important to remember to take time out for yourself. I'm one of those girls who seriously values a bit of me time. I find this is a time for me to completely clear my head. When I know I have a busy day the next day I like to spend the evening rejuvenating. Do you often find yourself saying ‘I haven’t had any time for myself lately?’ When we are busy everyday its often easy to forget about ourselves. Completely your daily routines can be seen as ‘me time.’ This could include taking a bath, putting on your make up or cooking dinner. These daily rituals are a great time to take some time out for you and just… breathe. Another component of me time is the time where you pursue a hobby or interest. At the moment I’ve just taken up blogging (obviously!). Every night I like to put a bit of time aside to write up some ideas or reflect on my day. Then there is the me time where you do absolutely nothing. This is my favourite way to recover! I like to take a hot bubbly bath, put on my comfiest loungewear and chill on my bed listening to spotify. I am a reality junkie so a bit of Towie, Geordie shore, MIC etc etc on in the background whilst I scroll through instagram is my favourite way of doing nothing! Make a point of adding me time to your to do list. It's so important to rest. Your body and mind needs time to recover.

Rest, recover, recuperate

Lucy x