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An exciting and innovative additon of my blog will be the introduction of a question and answer page called 'Ask Lucy.' Here you can ask me anything you want about lifestyle, healthy living, mental health, attitude to life, life coaching or anything in this area.

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How do I achieve a good work/ life balance?








How can you help someone with Mental Health issues?

It is important that we all know that we work to live and not live to work. Work is a necessary and extremely important aspect of most people's lives but work is generally a means to an end and not an end in itself. Yes work is more than just a means of earning money. For many people it is a vocation. Also it teaches us many values and lessons which can be applied in other aspects of our lives such as team work, loyalty and reward for effort. However it must never be allowed to dominate your life to the exclusion of many other important things such as friends and family. Try to introduce some rules and guidelines that will help achieve the balance. For example take regular holidays. Make sure that you take one day off a week where you completely forget about work. These sorts of things have a double benefit. They make time and room for other things in your life but they are also likely to increase your enthusiasm for your work and also boost your productivity.



Supportive friends can play a huge part in the mental health recovery. Everyone deals with things differently, but by letting a friend know that you understand how they are feeling can make them feel less alone. Ask them what you can do to help. I believe being surrounded by caring and supportive people can influence the way that you feel. Mental health is just as important as your physical health. You can’t simply snap out of it. The recovery requires time, patience and daily nurturing just like physical recovery. Having someone to talk to throughout the day can make a large impact to how they are feeling. A text or phone-call can be a reminder that you are thinking of them. You may not be able to relate to how they are feeling. However by letting them know that their feelings are normal and that others suffer from similar mental health issues can make them feel accepted. As a friend you can give them something to look forward to. Plan something encouraging for them so that they have a distraction. Invite your friend out to an activity that is going to be uplifting for them. You need to remind them that that their feelings will change and how they are currently feeling is not permanent.